You can download a 30 day, fully functioning trial of the FingerWorks™ PC software.
Download now (32MB)

The current version of the FingerWorks™ PC software runs on W7 & W8 and works great on windows tablets.


Turn Your Laptop or PC into a Telestrator!

Since its launch in 1999, FingerWorks™ software has been used by TV production crews in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Designed primarily for major league sports events to enhance instant replays and colour commentary, it wasn’t long before the FingerWorks™ Telestrator was being used for multiple applications from international medical seminars, news reports to TV game shows.

Now you can use the same program to enhance your Power Point™ presentations and any other PC application. Coaches love the ability to play clips, pause them and telestrate...just like the pros.

Timing is Everything

Have you ever wished that you had added something extra into your slide show?
Have you ever wanted to emphasize something in your presentation live?
Are you tired of that measly red laser pointer?

FingerWorks™ PC has solved these problems for you.

With FingerWorks PC you can draw live in real time over your slides, video clips or other applications and create great visual effects to increase the professional look and impact of your presentations. Use tools just like you see on TV including, moving highlights, stretchy arrow, circles, squares, and freehand draw. Give yourself some flexibility by dropping in graphics and slides when the timing is right.

Click on the Features tab for a full list of tools and wake up your audience.

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